In a mirror we can see an exact copy of all of creation. Our eyes are just like a couple of mirrors. Light projects a virtual reality on the lenses of my eyes, just the way it projects a virtual reality on the mirror. The only difference between the eyes and a mirror is that my eyes have a brain behind them. Using my brain I analyze, interpret and describe the virtual reality I perceive at any moment.

Through light, life sends a lot of information to my eyes and I make a story about what I perceive. The story is how I qualify, justify and explain what I perceive.

For example, if I see a tree, I don’t just see the tree; I qualify the tree, I describe the tree, I have an opinion about the tree. I like the tree or I don’t like the tree. I may feel the tree is beautiful or not, my point of view, my opinion about the tree and is a story of my creation.

Once I interpret, qualify or judge what I perceive, it is no longer real; it is a virtual world of my creation.

We co create our world with God. God creates the real world and we create the virtual world.

We all live in a virtual world of our creation. This is what the Toltecs mean when they say humans are always dreaming.

Source: The Voice of Knowledge


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